Saturday/ Sunday 31. Oct. / 1. Nov. 2020| 8pm
Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
THE REVENGE – Rachen, Mundhöhlen und andere akustische Räume.
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Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun: auspacken / unboxing (2016)

- break -

Antje Vowinckel: Gipfeltreffen (2019)

Hanna Hartman: The Revenge (2020) WP

Cathy van Eck: We Are Prepared (2020) WP

Sunday 1. Nov. 2020 |4pm
Think Tank "Getan, gemeint, gehört, gedacht – Klang und Klangerzeugung in Musik und Performance" keynote by Volker Straebel and panel discussion with the composers of the evening moderated by Ariane Jessulat

supporded by: Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.,
Musikfonds e.V. mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien and Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung.

- recently –
2. / 3. September 2020 | 8pm – Attention limited seats!
Acker Stadt Palast Berlin
Makiko Nishikaze: BREAKFAST OPERA

COMPOSITION Makiko Nishikaze | SCENE Makiko Nishikaze & Maulwerker | STAGE Steffi Weismann, Hsuan Huang | COSTUMES Hsuan Huang | VIDEO Steffi Weismann | LIGHT DESIGN Hendrik Haupt | PRODUCTION Vilém Wagner MAULWERKER Ariane Jeßulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Steffi Weismann
This piece was premiered at BAM (Berliner Festival for contemporary music theatre) in September 2018. The performances in 2020 are funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

19. August 2020 | concert 7:30 – Attention, limited access!
ACUD MACHT NEU - Odd Wednesday
Maulwerker SPACES & PLACES #1 Acud’s inner courtyard
Spatial music from balconies and roofs, from windows and staircases.
Works by Antonia Baehr, Fernanda Farah, Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Steffi Weismann, and Maulwerker collective.
Odd Wednesday is a concert series curated by Mélodie Melak

The audience is in the courtyard open air. Please keep distance to each other and wear a mask. In case of rain, bring an umbrella.

3 March, 2020 | 8:00pm
UNERHÖRTE MUSIK – BKA BERLIN BASTARD. Chamber music for voices, gestures and instruments
BKA Mehringdamm 34 | Berlin-Kreuzberg

In this chamber music programme the Maulwerkers work on the transitions between concertante and theatrical performance. Just as gestures are understood auditory and as chamber music, the theatrical potential of instrumental pieces will be explored. Not in added gestures or intentional, added expression, but in an audible awareness for the stage of the keyboard, the spatiality of sounds and the performativity of musical communication, with which the pieces of the programme play virtuously.

ANDREA NEUMANN Quartett Nr. 1 (2018)
ANNETTE SCHMUCKI staben (2014) for 3 toy pianos and voice
MICHAEL HIRSCH Bastard (1997/98) for piano
MICHAEL HIRSCH Mouvement à 5 (1995) for piano, guitar, glockenspiel, noise maker (foley artist), sound files
CLARA GERVAIS Gesetzt (2015) World Premiere, on a text by Karl Marx for 7 voices
ERNSTALBRECHT STIEBLER Einklang for voices, violin, violoncello, glasses, synthesizers

7.Nov. 2019 | 5:30 - 7:30 pm
FLUXUS Intervention in the exhibition Local Histories
Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin
Entry free of charges

In the exhibition Local Histories (Rieckhallen), the Ensemble Maulwerker restages pieces from the Fluxus movement (by George Brecht, Mieko Shiomi, among others) and John Cage. The compositions range between Performance Art and Conceptual Art, Sound Art and concert, in doing so, connect with the topics presented in the collection which – with its spatial paintings and performative sculptures – exhibits genre-defying works.

August 31. 2019 | 8pm
Ballhaus Ost, Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin

pre-event to the month of contemporary music

Michael Hirsch: Intérieur à 3 (2015) DEA
Ute Wassermann: Mutual Dependencies (2019) UA
Ariane Jeßulat: Nycticebus coucang (2019) UA
Henrik Kairies: Triosonate für Weingläser (2013)
Johannes K. Hildebrandt: Kräusch (2018/2019) UA der Neufassung
Steffi Weismann: folie (2016)

The quality of surfaces determines the type of contact. Smooth, rough, permeable or reflective, they mark the boundary between inside and outside, between things, bodies and the air that they make vibrate. In this concert, surfaces are brushed, rubbed and struck. Touches are acoustically enlarged, transformed and thrown into space, but they also work inwardly, physically and psychologically. They trigger our imagination. Compositions for voices and other materials.

Ensemble Maulwerker: Ariane Jeßulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski, Tilmann Walzer, Steffi Weismann
supported by initiative neue musik Berlin e.V.

May 19th 2019 | 6 pm UDK Berlin crescendo19
Dieter Schnebel: Weitergeben

Robert Schumann: Wiegenlied am Lager eines kranken Kindes op. 78, 4; Lieder aus: Liederkreis op. 24 und Kinderszenen op. 15
Steven Müller: Schumann-Moment (2018)
Richard Wagner: Stücke aus: Fünf Gedichte von Mathilde Wesendonck für eine Frauenstimme und Klavier
Dieter Schnebel: Schumann-Moment aus Re-Visionen II (1989) für Stimmen, Harfe und Schlagzeug; Tradition II2, Lieder ohne Worte (1980/86); , aus: Auguri (1987–93), 68 Mehrklänge für Carla Henius (nr. 2), 69 + 11 + x touches für John Cage (Epilogo); Wagner-Varianten für Klavier (2015); Re-Visionen I4: Wagner-Idyll für Kammerensemble und Singstimme ad. lib. (1980); MAULWERKE (1968–74, Fassung 2019)

April 30th 2019

The Maulwerkers perform in a former DIY store hall and a multi-perspective "architectural structure" developed by Than Hussein Clark according to Walter Gropius' ideas a program of compositions that thematize the perception of acoustic spaces in different ways.

La Monte Young: Poem for Chairs, Tables and Benches (1960) 10'

Alessandro Bosetti: Trinitaire (2015) 10’ for 3 voices

Michael Hirsch: Intérieur à 3 (2015) 5’
for 3 speakers/performers and fixed media

Christian Kesten: feld 037 grundlos (2010) 11'
3 voices, 4 loudspeakers

Alex Nowitz: Tante Marianne (2010) 11'
for 1 female voice and 4-channel fixed media after a painting by Gerhard Richter

Dieter Schnebel: Stumme Schreie (2008) 8'
for 1 solo performer

Steffi Weismann: folie (2016/19) 7’
version for 4 performers, voices and objects

Dieter Schnebel: Maulwerke (1968-74)
version for PLATO Ostrava 2019 10-15’

Henrik Kairies: Rain (2000) 5’
for 4 voices and fixed media

10. December 2018 ACUD STUDIO, Berlin 20 UHR
Screening & Talk & Performances

The Maulwerker (Mouth Workers) are specialists in vocal experiments and the performativity of music. Their performative works expand the concept of music and incorporate elements of performance art, intermedial, conceptual art and contemporary dance theatre. The pieces presented here all work with productive dissonance: choreographed sounds, composed actions, audible gestures and visible music in obvious as well as subversive counterpoints produce brief or longer-lasting moments of synaesthesia. The inter- and transdisciplinary extensions combine acoustic with visual and spatial perception. The focus is on listening – to the Maulwerker performing music.

20:00 - 20:45 Presentation, Screening (video documentations, short versions )
21:00 - 21:50 Talk with the composers Sabine Ercklentz, Jule Flierl, Neo Hülcker, Christian Kesten, Andrea Neumann and Steffi Weismann, moderated by Martina Stütz
in between: short Live-Performances. Special Guest: Ann Noel.

DVD Order free (only shipping costs) contact our office please

15. November 2018 | 20 Uhr Heimathafen Berlin-Neukölln
KONTRAKLANG – soundartists as composers:
Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun: auspacken / unboxing (2016)
für 4 Sprecher, verschiedene Aufnahme- und Wiedergabemedien und rotierendes Publikum
performer: maulwerker (Jessulat, Kairies, Kesten Weismann)

27. October 2018 | 20:00
28. October 2018 | 18:00 Ballhaus Ost Berlin
music theatre for voices, instruments, objects and video projections
by Annette Schmucki
with the ensembles proton and maulwerker

20. / 21. Sept. 2018 Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
Makiko Nishikaze / Maulwerker: BREAKFAST OPERA (UA)
a production by Maulwerker and „BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater“. Supported by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

25. August 2018 | 18:30 | 19:30 | 20:30
Lange Nacht der Museen /Altes Museum Berlin
Dieter Schnebel: MoMa (excerpts)
knm and Maulwerker

19. June 2018 | 10:30
St.-Annen-Kirche, Königin-Luise-Str. 55, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem
Funeral Dieter Schnebel (1930-2018)

26. June 2018 | 20:00 Maihof, Weggismattstrasse 9, Lucerne, Switzerland
Forum Neue Musik Schweiz presents:
music theatre for voices, instruments, objects and video projections
by Annette Schmucki
with the ensembles proton and maulwerker

20. / 21. Sept. 2018 AckerStadtPalast, Berlin
Makiko Nishikaze / Maulwerker: BREAKFAST OPERA (UA)
a production by Maulwerker and „BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater“. Supported by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.
BAM! has been initiated by ZMB – Zeitgenössisches Musiktheater Berlin e.V., and realized with the support of HKF, Schering-Stiftung and Augstein-Stiftung.

Sunday 3. June 2018 Intersonanzen Potsdam
Kunsthaus sans titre, Französische Str.18, 14467 Potsdam
Maulwerker performing Boris Filanovsky, Dieter Schnebel, Johannes Hildebrandt, Andreas Staffel

Sa 12. May 2018 Ballhaus Ost, Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin

maulwerker performing music

Boris Filanovsky: Discantata (WP) for 6 voices
Sabine Ercklentz: Fremd_körper (WP) for 3 performer, mobile loudspeakers
Jule Flierl: d!ssoc!at!on_study_2 (WP) for 3 voices
Christian Kesten: Untitled #20 (WP) for choir (20 voices in 5 groups)

performed by: Maulwerker (Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski, Tilmann Walzer, Steffi Weismann) & guests (Zoé Alibert, Dorothea Braun, Audrey Chen, Fernanda Farah, María Ferrara, Heather Frasch, Annie Gårlid, Katia Guedes, Zoe Knights, Alexey Kokhanov, Olga Kozmanidze, Rebecca Lane, Renata Sachs, Heike Schmidt, Hanna Schörken, Ela Spalding
direction choir: Christian Kesten
produced by Maulwerker, supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V. and Musikfonds e.V.

11. Nov. 2017 | 20 Uhr Auditorium HKW, Berlin
Haus der Kulturen der Welt John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10 10557 Berlin

4'33''- GALA

with Lucrecia Dalt & Regina de Miguel, Perera Elsewhere, Isolation Berlin, Jolly Goods, Lambert, Maulwerker, Wolfgang Müller, Mary Ocher, Claire Tolan, Zugezogen Maskulin, Moderation: Max Dax

John Cage’s legendary composition 4'33" is the icon of all pauses. With ten cover versions, Berlin-based musicians and bands with different musical backgrounds and histories of resistance celebrate this embodiment of music’s absence and the texture of silence.

in cooperation with Antje Øklesund

21./22. Nov. 2017 | 20 Uhr
Gare du Nord Basel, Schweiz


music theatre by Annette Schmucki (WP)
with Maulwerker and Ensemble Proton

world premiere: 9. Sept. 2017 Musikfestival Bern (CH)

Based on the work of the Brothers Grimm on the Deutsches Wörterbuch, durst&frucht (thirst&fruit) tells of hunting and gathering in the world of language. Of the uncovering, conquering, taming of the linguistic mountain and the impossibility of its ascent. Of two brothers and their constant refining / completion of the words. Day in, day out, working in neighbouring rooms with individual haste, techniques and engagement.

Tells of the recognition and acknowledgement of the gaps and spaces, of the constant mutation of language and its secondary phenomena, incomprehensibility, openness. Tells of Jacob and Wilhelm who eventually die hunched over the words ‘durst’ and ‘frucht’.

One hears words, lists of words, phonemes and shreds of stories. One hears pulses, clumps and sweepings of sound. It is a journey between the realms of music and language. A pouring of language into music and of music into language. One sees words dance through the air, mouths opening, sharpened pencils and ears, the motions of writing.

7. October 2017| 20 Uhr Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
maulwerker performing music

Andrea Neumann Quartett No. 1 (2017) UA
Neele Hülcker Gib Pfötchen! (2017) UA
Fernanda Farah TAKT SINN (2017) UA
Dieter Schnebel Blinzeln – aus dem Zyklus Schau-Stücke (1995/99)
Christian Kesten Über die Lebensweise der Guam-Flughunde ist weiterhin nichts bekannt (2017) for 6 Performer
Steffi Weismann Fountain (Version 2017) for 10 + x performer, 20 + y plastic cups, 1 bottle of Waterr and audience

Maulwerker production, supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V. (inm) and Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur – Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur.

Tickets 10€ / reduced price 8 €
reservation: 030 - 440 39 168,,

We are deeply sad about the unexpected death of our friend and colleague Michael Hirsch on February 6th 2017.

5. Juli 2017 – Tischlerei der Deutschen Oper Berlin

Ein schöner Hase ist meistens der Einzellne
Concert in memoriam Michael Hirsch

Portrait, film by Susanne Elgeti

Bastard 2 („La Didone“) (2004) WP for piano, Renata Helmich

Das Konvolut, Vol. 3 (2010) excerpt

La Didone abbandonata. 3. Akt (2003), Ensemble Deutsche Oper
simultaniously: 2. & 3. Episode from: 3 Episoden, Maulwerker

Hirngespinste (1996) 2 Akkordeone

Kopfecke, Wunderhöhle (1996)
für 3 Sprecher, 1 Geräuschemacher, Klavier, 1 Schlagzeuger, 3 Kassettenrecorder, Zuspielungen, Maulwerker & Chico Mello

Streichquartett (2008) Sonar Quartett

Zu 14 Händen (1995)
für 7 Pianisten an einem Klavier, Maulwerker mit Vilém Wagner & Chico Mello

Das Konvolut, Vol. 1 (2001)
Opera für 1 Sängerin und Zuspielung, Anna Clementi

6. Dec. 2016 8:30 pm| BKA Unerhörte Musik Berlin

Makiko Nishikaze: Ach, Piano I & V (2016) for piano, four hands
Ariane Jeßulat: Béquille (2000/2016) for 6 voices, trumpet, guitar
Makiko Nishikaze: forest-piece II (2011) for female voice and piano
Alessandro Bosetti: Trinitaire (2015) for 3 voices
Michael Hirsch: Zu 14 Händen (1995) for 7 pianists and 1 piano

Sam Ashley: Love Among The Immortals (2016) UA
for 5 voices (Sam Ashley & Michael Hirsch, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski, Steffi Weismann) and piano four hands (Ariane Jeßulat, Henrik Kairies)

Introduction to the program at 7:45 with Christian Kesten and composers
supported by Initiative Neue Musik (inm)

28. November 2016 | 21 Uhr
LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL in cooperation with Berliner Künstlerprogramm des daad Kunsthaus KuLe, Auguststr. 10, 10117 Berlin

curated by DAAD fellow Joanna Bailie
performed by Maulwerker (Christian Kesten, Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Steffi Weismann) and Joanna Bailie, Boris Baltschun, Heather Frasch, Chico Mello, Annette Krebs, Koen Nutters
Carolyn Chen: Adagio (2009, for 4 performer) see video
James Saunders: On Bare Trees (2014)
Peter Ablinger: WEISS / WEISSLICH 11b (1994-)
Louis d'Heudières: Laughter Studies III (2016) see video
James Saunders: Everybody Do This (2014)


KONTRAKLANG im Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin

seufzerprozession (2009)
lautgedicht (2000)
verlautbarung. eine sprechstudie in amtsdeutsch (2006)
josephslegende (2007)

sprechduette, zusammen mit Monika Lichtenfeld
getäuschtes vertrauen (2007)
echolalie, für zwei sprechstimmen (2009)
gerede, für eine frauen- und eine männerstimme (2012)


Christian Kesten: die schwester (2016, UA, Libretto: Gerhard Rühm)
Gerhard Rühm: sieben räumliche wortkonstellationen (1962), für vier Sprecher
Sven-Åke Johansson: Stereo für 8 (2005)
Gerhard Rühm: zeitung. ein stets aktuelles simultanstück (1962)
Antje Vowinckel: The humming backstage. Ein Dialekt-Karaoke (2016, UA),
für 3 Stimmen und Zuspiel
Steffi Weismann: folie (2016, UA)
Gerhard Rühm: gestreuter moment (1966)

September 15. 2016 | FRICTIONS – Voices and Objects
Lecture by Dieter Schnebel with a concert by the Maulwerker:
Ariane Jessulat, Katarina Rasinski, Steffi Weismann
Series: "Klang Farbe", Gallery Pankow, Berlin

Dieter Schnebel: Maulwerke (1968-74) trio version
Henrik Kairies: Triosonate for wine glasses (2013)
Alessandro Bosetti: Trinitaire (2015)

August / September 2016 | VI. SCHNITTPUNKT NEUE MUSIK
Goethe Institute Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
The human voice in contemporary music, concerts and workshops with
the Maulwerker: Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski, Steffi Weismann >see video documentation of the Workshops
invited and organized by the Goethe-Zentrum Santa Cruz de la Sierra
supported by the Goethe Institute

August 31. 2016 – CONCERT 1: MÚSICA VISIBLE I
Compositions by Dieter Schnebel:
Redeübungen für Hand und Mund (1983-84), version 2010 for 5 performers
Schlängeln (from: Schaustücke) (1995/99)
Poem für 1-3 Finger (from: Zeichen-Sprache) (1987/89)
Kopfschütteln (from: Schaustücke) (1995/99)
Numbers (1992)
Bauernszene (from: Museumsstücke) (1992-93)
Poem für 1 Springer (from: Zeichen-Sprache) (1987/89)
Stumme Schreie (2008)
Maulwerke (1968-74) für Artikulationsorgane und Reproduktionsgeräte. version 2010/2016

Christian Kesten: zunge lösen (1999/2002)
Steffi Weismann: apropos (2006) – for 5 voices, computer voice and rotating objects
Sabine Ercklentz: ein–aus–aus–ein (2010) for 4 performers and tape
Steffi Weismann: Fountain (2008/2015) für 5 + x performers, 10 + x plastic cups and 5 dl water
Maulwerker: Voyage puré (2003) for 5 voices and objects, version 2016
Alessandro Bosetti: Trinitaire (2015)
Emmett Williams: ABC Singspiel Simultaneity for Die Maulwerker (2005)
Katarina Rasinski: Eiszeit / Iceage (1997)

Cochabamba, Bolivien
Workshop and concert with the Maulwerker: Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski, Steffi Weismann
supported by the Goethe Institute

Christian Kesten: zunge lösen [releasing the tongue] (1999/2002)
Alessandro Bosetti: Trinitaire (2015)
Dieter Schnebel: Stumme Schreie [Silent Screams] (2008)
Emmett Williams: ABC Singspiel Simultaneity for Die Maulwerker (2005)
Christian Kesten:G is for Guam Flying Fox, Nothing is known about the Guam Flying Fox's way of life.(2012)
Dieter Schnebel: Poem for 3 Fingers (1990)
Dieter Schnebel: Maulwerke (1968-74) für Artikulationsorgane und Reproduktionsgeräte. Trio-Version 2010/2016

May 21 2016 | 20:00 SPEAKING IN TONGUES
presented by open music / Ute Pinter
tage neuer musik graz, Minoritensaal, Graz
Maulwerker: Michael Hirsch, Ariane Jessulat, Christian Kesten, Steffi Weismann: voices

„In Zungen reden" ... für Artikulationsorgane, Gesten und Dinge
Christian Kesten: zunge lösen (1999/2002), version 2016 for 4 voices
Christian Kesten: FAHREN (1995), version for 4 voices
Alessandro Bosetti: The Pool and the Soup (2007), for 4 voices
Henrik Kairies: Triosonate für Weingläser (2013)
Alessandro Bosetti: Trinitaire (2015), for 3 voices
Dieter Schnebel: Maulwerke (1968-74), version 2016 for 4 voices
Freitag 20. Mai 2016, 18.00 im Rahmen der Eröffnung der tage neuer musik graz:
Dieter Schnebel: Redeübungen (1983-84) Version 2016 für 4 voices

Conference at Humboldt University Berlin
Dieter Schnebel Redeübungen für Hand und Mund from the cycle Laut-Gesten-Laute (1981-85), Christian Kesten zunge lösen [releasing the tongue] (1999/2002), Dieter Schnebel Bagatellen (1986), Christian Kesten G is for Guam Flying Fox, Nothing is known about the Guam Flying Fox's way of life. (2012), Dieter Schnebel Numbers (1992), Dieter Schnebel Poem for 1-3 Finger and Poem for 1 Jumping Man from the cycle Zeichen-Sprache (1986-90), Dieter Schnebel Stumme Schreie [Silent Screams] (2008)
MAULWERKER: Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski: voices, gestures
Ariane Jessulat: piano

March 10 2016 | OPEN YOUR EARS
Konzerthaus Berlin – Werner-Otto-Saal Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

Denkbare Musik – Sounding playgrounds by Dieter Schnebel: Tempesta für Stühle (1992-93), Fünf Inventionen für Violoncello (1987), Körper-Sprache für Körperbewegungen (1980), Stumme Schreie für Darsteller/in (2008), Maulwerke für Artikulationsorgane (1968-74), Bauernszene für Teller, Gläser, Besteck, Stimmen (1992-93), KMSW II für Darsteller und Synthesizer (2015) UA. Auftragswerk des Konzerthauses Berlin Schüler_innen des Alexander S. Puschkin Gymnasiums Hennigsdorf – Stimme, Gestik, Mimik & Perkussion MAULWERKER: Ariane Jeßulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski – Stimme, Gestik, Mimik Henrik Kairies – Synthesizer Andreas Voss – Violoncello Ariane Jeßulat, Christian Kesten – Workshop-Leitung/Einstudierung Ellen Thuge


stumme schrei schnebel